Product Manuals

The product manuals available here are our most recent editions. We try to update a manual as soon as a change takes place in any product that we manufacture. At this time, we offer foreign language manuals only for products that we have exported under the CE requirements. All the manuals are Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files which you may download, view and/or print on your own computer. In order to download the manual without viewing it, right click the link and choose Save Target As...

Range ball dispenser
Electronic Coin Mechanism
Range-Express User Manual For all versions.
Range ball elevator/conveyor (BC-001) domestic (110V service).
Range ball elevator/conveyor (BC-001AN) international (220V service).
Range ball pickers
Range ball pre-soaker (PS-001 & PSH-001) domestic (110V service).
Range ball pre-soaker (PS-001AN) international (220V service).
Range ball washer 22K Capacity
Range ball washer 45K Capacity
Range ball washer (in French) (BW-001AN) - standard/international (220V service).
Adapter - Club Car Carry All EP-031B
Adapter - EZ-GO EP-013H
Adapter - EZ-GO ST
Adapter - John Deere Gator
Adapter - Yamaha EP-008A
Adapter - Yamaha EP-008B
Adapter - Yamaha EP-008C
Range ball washer (BW-022AN) - high capacity) international (220V service).


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